Has your basement filled with water from a pipe leak?

Rental property received mother nature's water from the roof or the walls?

We offer water extraction services for:

  • Basements and other areas of your home where leaks have happened.

  • Commercial buildings

  • Rental properties

  • Apartments

Our trucks support up to 100 gallons at a time. The powerful system we have takes in water very fast so you won't be waiting long until the area is dry.

Plus the products we use to treat the area will kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. They are hospital grade products that are safe for you and your home or business.

We also offer:

Lab tests of your environment - both before and after - so that you know how safe your environment is. The products we use can bring an area that is unsafe back to safe conditions. The area generally will be safer than it was before the problem occurred.

Besides the products listed on our products page we have:

    Fogging machines. These machines are used in several hospitals in the United States and more in Europe. We have larger ones for fogging rooms and smaller ones that we can use to fog your vehicles with. The products we use, combined with a fogging machine, will disinfect everything in the room or vehicle to hospital grade status.

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