Hot water vs. cold water cleaning. Which is better?

The argument of cleaning with hot or cold water is nothing new. Would you clean your dishes with cold water? Our trucks use a special system that makes water cleaner and in a way that is different from what everyone uses so likewise cleans much better than the water that you know. That also means there's fewer unknown chemicals introduced into your environment from the water supply. The pre-treatment products we use only enhances the already great ability of our special water system which beats out the competitors whether they are using hot or cold.

After all our earlier system design was tested by the Carpet and Rug Institute and certified gold cleaning standards with over 80% clean in two passes, four wands running at the same time. With cold water only, no chemicals needed. Then in 2012 we received platinum certification with over 90% clean with cold water only and multiple wands.

Heat can also damage the carpet fibers as well. Carpet fibers are not immune to higher temperatures. We take that out of the equation while others do not.

What environmentally friendly products do we clean with?

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We use HydrOxi Pro products. These products are green seal certified. Viewable from the manufactures website the following are the standards set for green seal certified products:

Our mobile system cleans with environmentally friendly products only. No harsh chemical cleaning smells to disrupt your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How clean can the carpet be made?

No one can remove wear or stains that have damaged the carpet simply by having the carpet cleaned whether its by us or anyone else.

These issues can be caused by walk patterns, footwear, dirt, not vacuuming often enough, burn marks, bleach and other typical household cleaners, food stains, pet urine, and more.

The carpet may also become matted down and show walk patterns even further.

Much of this can be deterred to a high degree by:

Commercial properties benefit from having a ten foot long mat (where possible) before customers step foot onto the carpet. If this is not possible then having us clean the area more often will increase the life and look of the carpet - for customers will be tracking all outside dirt directly onto the carpet. This is only compounded when they go to turn and wear increases substantially.

We cannot guarantee that the carpet will look like new again or that all stains and traffic areas will be removed or even by how much or how little of a difference the cleaning will make.

From us, you will however be receiving top industry performance, along with safe top-of-the-line cleaning products.

While your cleaning my carpet can you repair them?

Sure, if we see burn marks, discoloration, and so on, we will let you know if its possible and give you a quote. If you accept, we can fix it on the spot. You can also schedule to have it done at another time or just give it a pass.

We can repair the carpet by taking a piece from an area such as a closet and then repairing the problem area with that. There is no guarantee of perfection. The problem area may still be noticeable but it will be improved more so based on how bad it was.

Will you move my furniture?

If you want us to we can move furniture such as small chairs, small tables, etc. We will not move large or heavy furniture, TVs and entertainment centers, computers, desks, beds, dressers, etc.

Can I have a FREE demonstration of your cleaning products when your here?

You sure can. We want you to see for yourself how well they work. We use them ourselves in our own homes and for our business and want you to benefit from them as well.

Do you vacuum?

We would appreciate it if you could vacuum before we arrive. The vacuuming process is actually one way our trucks clean the carpet. This is a very powerful vacuuming - much more so than any household vacuum - but cleaning wands do not pick up objects or things that can be seen or picked up by hand. They take in dirt and other small particles. However, we will have an actual vacuum with us just in case you don't own one.

Can you clean my furniture too?

We can do that as well. Will test first on a less viewable area and if its good we can proceed to clean the entire thing.

How long will it take for the carpet or furniture to dry?

Generally, it should take about one to a few hours. Our dry time is fast thanks to the suction power of our specially designed cleaning trucks. Time can increase based on ground humidity levels and use or non-use of heating and cooling throughout the home or building.  As such we cannot guarantee dry time.

I have fleas, bed bugs, or something else. Will cleaning help with that?

It might help but only a little. The cleaning process does not solve the problem at all. Eggs and larva could be anywhere and in places we can't clean. For instance they can also be on people, bedding, and in the smallest cracks.

An exterminator will be a better choice than us and we recommend you give one a call first.

Commercially, how big of a building can you clean?

Our machine is designed to do up to 80 stories high without the use of the resources of structure (electricity, water and wastewater).

If I have any other questions can I ask them?

We want to hear what you have to say.

Frequently Asked Questions

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