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The Precise 360 Interactive Business Card

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Carpet pricing calculator, services listing, gallery, and more.

Open beta for version 2.0's Carpet Calculator now available. Get it using the following beta link

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Version 2.0 of the Carpet Calculator is a major improvement from 1.0. Version 2.0 of the business card features the free ad supported version of our Carpet Calculator. See Carpet Calculator Pro just below to find out some info on the new Carpet Calculator.

Precise 360 Carpet Calculator Pro

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Carpet Calculator Pro now available in beta form
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Just what is the new Precise 360 Carpet Calculator? It is no longer just a simple calculator of little use. It has been created and molded over the past years (nearly 3 years now) until we got it just the way we wanted it. There's so much stuff packed into it for any situation and measuring style and yet we have even more planned for it.

Designed for everyone from home owners to professionals. Just simply enter measurements and it will give you all the carpet cuts and fills you need including the totals. It can do this with one room to an entire hotel floor taking away all the work and making it extremely fast and easy.

Some features include:
◇ A cut viewer for when cutting rolls
◇ File sharing in various forms
◇ Google Drive integration to sync between devices or backups
◇ Voice input
◇ Bluetooth input of measurements with Leica Disto D2 laser measuring device
◇ Material uniformity or quarter turning
◇ Setting of carpet width, patterns down to /32nds, cut and seam safety
◇ Working with steps and floors
◇ Allowing you to use the measurement you want
◇ Automatic and manual fill creation and pairing
◇ Switch to carpet tiles (should support plank, vct, etc. as well)
◇ and yet even more!

Why the beta? We have spent a long time now creating precision, and while its a very very complex app that we made simple for you, its a lot of work for us to have brought all that power to you in such a way. One thing can affect many things. For example, entering a room of 13.10 x 14.11 into the app can affect regular fills, which measurement the app chooses to use, computers don't know what 10 or 11 inches are (1+.10=1.1), fill pairing with manual and custom fills, cuts, auto saves, and much more! All of that happens very fast (for homes its near instant) and many happen with each change you make so you can see the results. While we have gone through tons of testing to make the app precise and bug free, some things may have been missed or yet to be revealed. We want an app that you can be happy to use without worry, so let us know if you find anything. This is the highest priority for us.

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